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Clean energy LNG makes the sky bluer

By Manager
Date: Oct 24, 2019
The 7th World Military Games is being held in Wuhan, China. The schedule has already passed halfway. As of the end of the 23rd, the total number of medals of the Chinese Legion has broken 100. The 73 gold, 36 silver, 20 bronze and 129 medals continue to lead the gold medal list and the medal list. Chinese players showed the world the style of Chinese soldiers and defended the glory of Chinese soldiers.

With the upcoming military sports meeting, we ushered in the autumn and winter atmospheric management. Energy conservation and emission reduction is an environmental protection concept that has been promoted in recent years. Among them, natural gas has its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, economy and convenience. Concerned by the countries of the world, China has been listed as a new energy source for the promotion of economic and environmental protection in the 21st century. (China Henan Jianye Metal Materials Co., Ltd. offers various types of LNG storage tanks)

The natural gas is deep-processed at the place of production and is frozen to -162 ° C under normal pressure to make it liquid called liquefied natural gas (LNG). It is a process in which natural gas is purified by using a cold source to make methane into a liquid. The body of LNG is 1/620 of its gaseous volume because it facilitates economical and reliable transportation. LNG's unique media makes it necessary to have a professional storage container, the LNG storage tank.

Since the methane content of the purified LNG is increased to more than 95%, the components are relatively pure, and the combustion is complete. The carbon dioxide and water generated after combustion are good clean fuels, which are beneficial to environmental protection, reduce urban pollution, and gas after gasification. The density is very low (lighter than air), and the gas will volatilize and spread when it leaks slightly, making it safer to use.

The advantages of LNG make it have certain promotion value and market competitiveness. In addition to civil gas, it is also widely used in industrial gas (automotive gas, kiln gas and metal cutting gas), which can greatly reduce air pollution, save energy and benefit. Coordinated development of the economy and the environment.
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