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CO2 cryogenic tank

Liquid carbon dioxide by vacuum powder adiabatic tank, storage tank temperature -40 ℃ to design work.Depending on the working conditions, the main materials can be OCr18Ni9 or 16MnDR.
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Liquid carbon dioxide by vacuum powder adiabatic tank, storage tank temperature -40 ℃ to design work.Depending on the working conditions, the main materials can be OCr18Ni9 or 16MnDR.
Material: The inner layer is 16MnDR alloy steel
        The outer layer is carbon steel Q345R
        The middle vacuum layer is filled with pearl sand
Features :
1.The double-wall cryogenic liquid storage tank is made of 16MnDR alloy steel inside and Q235b carbon steel outside.Vertical (horizontal) structure, compact structure, low release date, small footprint, centralized control, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance.
2.The cryogenic liquid storage tank is a vacuum powder heat preservation type, and its structure consists of a content device and an external container, which can be divided into vertical and horizontal types
Products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, food, fire and other industries, with a compact structure, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance advantages.
1. Used in the production of alkali industry, sugar industry, and carbonated beverages
2. Used for the quenching of steel castings and the manufacture of lead white.
3. Widely used in the field of welding. For example, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding is currently the most widely used method in production.
4. Use carbon dioxide spray paint, dry quickly, good gloss, no toxic pollution.
5. Low concentration of carbon dioxide can promote breathing, so it can be used for medical treatment.
wo. Model Medium Inner tank size (Dia*L*Thickness mm) Outer tank size (Dia*L* Thickness iron) Outer
size (Dia*H/L (mm)
weight (Kg)
1 JSAA5-L/2.16 Carbon
DN1400*2910*12/12 DN1900*3550*8/8/8 Φ1916*5229 4785
2 JSAAlCh 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN1800*3490*14/14 DN2 300*4100*8/8 Φ2316*5965 7520
3 JSAA15- 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN1900*4890*14/16 DN2400*5500*8/8/8 Φ2416*7402 10015
4 JSAA20- 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN2100*5300*16/16 DN2600*5950*8/1G/10 Φ2616*7933 12905
5 JSAA30- 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN2400*6100*18/20 DN2900*6780*10/10/10 Φ2920*8914 18170
6 JSAA50- 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN2600*8980*20/22 DN3100*9670*10/10/12 Φ3120*11884 28240
7 JSAA6CH L/2. 16 Carbon
DN2800*9250*22/22 DN3300*10170*12/12/12 Φ3324*12460 37170
8 JSAA100- 1/2. 16 Carbon
DN3000* 13820*24/26 DN3500*14600*14/12/14 Φ3528*16933 59315
This is part of the model. According to customer requirements ,we accept customized.
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