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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a new type of energy, can replace gasoline, diesel as fuel, widely used in various fields.
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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a new type of energy, can replace gasoline, diesel as fuel, widely used in various fields.
As the world energy consumption increases year by year, the energy crisis deepens day by day. The price of gasoline and diesel oil, the traditional energy of transportation, keeps soaring, which makes the economic pressure of transportation owners more and more serious.
In addition, in recent years, countries around the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection, pay attention to the problem of air pollution in cities, almost all countries have set strict standards for vehicle exhaust emissions.
In order to alleviate the pressure of gasoline and diesel, reduce the economic burden of car owners, and more to make the air of the polluted city clean again, China has been vigorously promoting the use of LPG as the fuel for automobile engines for many years, and at the same time, a large number of filling stations have been established in various places, which have received good economic and social benefits.
LPG filling machine is one of the important equipment in the filling station. It is mainly used for measuring and filling and trade settlement of LPG vehicles.
LPG gas feeder can be divided into two types: cylinder filling dispenser and car filling dispenser.
Cylinder filling dispenser :
1. Easy to operate, fast filling
2. Super bright digital tube display
3. With anti shock, impact resistance, resistance to electromagnetic inference function
4. Easy to balance calibration 
5. The total weight of filling and automatic filling peeling can be set without additional weighting scale
Car filling dispenser
Constitutive requirements
LPG dispenser comprises LPG liquid pipeline, gas pipe line, valve, flow meter, temperature sensor and electronic control device, gas liquid separator, liquid return nozzle and so on.
Working Principle
Principle of dispensers LPG in storage tank is transferred to dispenser via pump, and separator isolates the gas from liquid, then the gas returns to the storage tank, liquid be sent to flowmeter to measure, after that,the liquidis sent to filling gun through hose and snap valve to fill car. 
Basic functions and features
1.Computer control, electronic control device can automatically display the amount and amount of gas;
2, With a fixed amount, fixed amount of preset add qigong;
3, When full of gas, with automatic stop function;
Over time without aeration can also automatically stop, can set the size of the flow rate protection;
4. Long-term storage of data after power failure, and power failure replay function;
5. The latest 50 times of aeration data can be reproduced for inspection;
6. Can calculate the accumulative value and aggregate accumulative value of the gas on the shift;
7, With automatic fault detection function, can automatically display the fault code;
8, With the ability to communicate with other equipment, communication mode is optional;
9, Can be equipped with background management system and IC card operating system, so That the filling station to achieve automatic management;
10. Able to add gas to gas vehicles with different types of interfaces;
11, With pull off protection function, to ensure that the car accidentally towed away from the air gun when safe and sealed;
12, With limited current protection function, to ensure the safety of gas;
13, with automatic temperature compensation function, can query the compensation value;
14. Ultra-fine filtration ensures the service life of important parts of the air feeder;
15. Equipped with reflux device to facilitate debugging of the whole machine;
16, the structure of the machine is reasonable, convenient installation and maintenance;
17, keyboard operation, rich functions, can complete a variety of program Settings and inquiries;
18. In addition to single and double guns, users can flexibly customize four-gun and six-gun air pumps according to their needs.
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