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FF underground double tank

The inner and outer layers of the double-layer oil tank are made of reinforced glass fiber, and the oil tank has a uniform interlayer space and is equipped with a communication leak detector
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1. The pressure vessel has a double-layer structure with a gap of 0.1mm to 3.5mm in it, and the outer layer of the oil tank FRP ensures that the leakage will not directly leak the polluted soil and water source;
2. The outer FRP of the oil tank will not cause electrolytic corrosion with groundwater, brine, etc .;
3. The outer FRP of the oil tank will not corrode with gasoline, diesel and leaded gasoline;
4. The FF double-layer oil tank leak detector is easy to install, just extend the probe into the detection tube, and the external monitoring equipment and power supply can monitor the whole process for 24 hours to eliminate the hidden danger of pollution;
5. The pressure vessel has a leak detection system, which is convenient for detection and maintenance, and protects the ecological environment of soil and water;
6. The effective protection of the environment by the double-layer oil tank eliminates the high environmental and economic costs in the later period.

1.Mezzanine diversion channel is a unique technology, which can improve the sensitivity of leakage alarm and improve the safety level.
2.Special anti-slip treatment is performed within 30 degrees of the upper part of the tank to ensure personnel safety.
3.The GFRP spray coating equipment for inner tank is independently developed by me and has the world's advanced level control system.Save labor and time, can effectively improve work efficiency, improve product quality, reduce costs.The shell making machine is the core technical equipment of tank making.
4.Advanced pressure-pressing bubble technology to ensure that there is no blister bubbles, so that the one-time qualified rate of glass fiber reinforced plastic outer layer production reaches 100%.
5.The double-layer oil tank  ensures that each batch of products is inspected by a third party.
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