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Underground double tank

SF double wall fuel tank’ outer layer is made of fiberglass, and the inner layer is made of Q235b carbon steel,generally used in underground storage and is manufactured using patent-specific equipment.
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SF double wall fuel tank’ outer layer is made of fiberglass, and the inner layer is made of Q235b carbon steel,generally used in underground storage and is manufactured using patent-specific equipment. The tank has a uniform mezzanine space that is connected to the leak detector to monitor leaks at any time.
Application :
Service stations/Private fuel stations.
  Storage of flammable liquids for heating systems/ feeding generators.
  Storage of aircraft and ship fuels.
  Storage of chemicals and water-polluting liquids.
  Collection and storage of waste and effluent water.
Application scenario
  1.Underground fuel storage tank for service station
  2.Underground fuel storage tank for generators
  Health-care facilities use corrosion-resistant fiberglass underground storage tanks for emergency
      Standby generators to be operational during any periods of power loss.
The reason why double wall fuel tank are rapidly promoted and applied in the market is because of its safety and other advantages. Compared with ordinary fuel oil tanks, it has the characteristics of environmental protection and low cost.
  The inner layer is generally made of high-quality Q235-B steel plate with a thickness of 6 or 8 mm. Compared with the ordinary single-layer steel can (5 mm thick), the strength is obviously improved.
  The outer fiberglass has a thickness of more than 4mm and has excellent properties such as compression resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
  The mezzanine space uses a unique process technology to achieve a gap of 0.1mm, to eliminate hidden dangers from the root cause, and the leak detector monitors 24 hours a day to prevent safety hazards caused by leakage.
  Environmental conservation:
  1. The outer layer fiberglass will not cause electrolytic corrosion with groundwater, salt water, etc.;
  2. The outer layer fiberglass will not corrode with gasoline, diesel or leaded gasoline;
  3. The leak detector can monitor the whole process for 24 hours to prevent potential pollution hazards;
  4. Leak detection system facilitates the detection and maintenance of oil tanks and protects the original ecological environment of the soil;
  5. Effective protection of the environment, eliminating the need for high environmental treatment costs in the later period.
  6. Double-layer structure with 0.1mm clearance inside, the outer layer fiberglass ensures that the leakage will not directly leak contaminated soil and water source;
  1. The service life of S/F double-layer tanks is 5-10 times that of ordinary fuel oil tanks, at least 30 years of safe use.
  2. Easy installation, greatly shortening the construction period and reducing the cost investment.
  3. Remote monitoring system for daily and regular inspection, digital control, eliminating manual and complex operations;
  4. The maintenance requirement of S/F double-layer oil tank is 1/10 of that of ordinary oil tank, which greatly saves the maintenance input cost;
  5. The utilization rate of S/F double-layer oil tanks is greatly improved compared with ordinary oil tanks, ensuring high-efficiency use of equipment and high cost performance;
  6. The efficient use of S/F double-layer oil tanks greatly protects and saves energy, eliminating the serious loss caused by energy leakage.
This is part of the model. According to customer requirements ,we accept customized.
Nominal parameter(mm)
Cylinder length(mm)
5 φ1600 1870 5/6 777
10 φ1800 3280 6/6 1493
15 φ1800 5240 8/6 2500
20 φ2200 4500 6/6 2675
8/8 3280
25 φ2200 5760 8/8 2852
30 φ2400 5750 6/6 3321
8/8 4223
40 φ2600 6600 8/8 5212
10/8 5470
50 φ2800 7100 8/8 5960
10/8 6255
100 Φ3000 14600 12/12 11500
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