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Mobile filling station

Barrier explosion-proof mobile filling gas station (container) is a ground mobile gas station integrating storage tank, refueling machine and video monitoring.
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Barrier explosion-proof mobile filling gas station (container) is a ground mobile gas station integrating storage tank, refueling machine and video monitoring.
Barrier explosion-proof skid mounted gas station (container) storage tank for barrier explosion-proof technical transformation.
Barrier explosion protection technical reform is to cut off materials (block explosion-proof material is a network organization with a special aluminum material) in a certain way of density populated in the storage of flammable and explosive liquid storage tanks, when subjected to a flame, static, impact, lightning, shooting, welding, won't be an explosion when violent crash accident.
Features :
(1) Equipped with explosion-proof materials, which are intrinsically safe and reliable, and will not explode in case of shooting, fire, lightning, etc.;
(2) Inhibit oil and gas volatilization, with oil and gas recovery function;
(3) Set up oil leakage monitoring device to avoid pollution of groundwater resources caused by oil tank leakage;
(4) Can accommodate three different sizes of fuel, can be configured with 1-2 tanker, to meet different fuel requirements;
(5) Short construction time, low cost, small footprint, mobile, standard modular design, suitable for a variety of fuel supply environment;
(6) Anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, long service life
Seasonal requirements;(holiday attractions, marina, agricultural areas, etc.)
  Construction sites,
  The mining industry,
  Fuel supply for large fleet and internal gas stations (large enterprises, transportation companies, etc.),
      Different filling systems: hospital filling system, Marine fuel filling, outdoor storage tank construction, different liquid conveying devices.
Standard configuration
Leakage indicator, control panel, thermal insulation
  Speculum, thermometer, pump, liquid inlet and outlet
  Ventilation device, liquid level gauge, explosion-proof storage tank.
  Refueling system.
  Unload the system.
  Explosion-proof distribution system.
  Oil and gas monitoring system.
       Liquid level monitoring system.
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