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Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Customs

By Manager
Date: Jun 25, 2020
On the fifth day of May, it is the Dragon Boat Festival. Insert wormwood leaves, throw sachets, eat dumplings, sprinkle sugar, and the dragon boat launches into the water. This children's song is about people passing the Dragon Boat Festival.

Commemorate Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan was the minister of King Chu Huai during the Spring and Autumn Period. He advocated the training of the virtuous, the rich country and the strong soldiers, and the main force against Qi Qin, which was strongly opposed by the nobles and others.Qu Yuan was dismissed because of his resignation, and was expelled from the capital and exiled. Yuan and Xiang river basins. In 278 BC, the Qin army broke through Chu Kingdom Kyoto. Qu Yuan saw his motherland was invaded, and his heart was like a knife. On May 5th, after writing his best work "Waisha", he cast a stone Miluo river.
According to legend, after the death of Qu Yuan, the people of Chu Kingdom grieved abnormally and rushed to the Miluo River to hang Qu Yuan. The fishermen rowed their boats and salvaged his real body back and forth on the river. A fisherman took out the rice balls, eggs and other food prepared for Qu Yuan Throwing into the river and saying that the fish, lobster and crab are full, they will not bite Qu Yuan's body.
After seeing it, people followed suit, and an old doctor brought a jar of realgar wine and poured it into the river, saying that it was necessary to stun the Jiaolong water beast to avoid hurting Qu Yuan. Later, in order to fear that the rice balls were eaten by the Jiaolong, people came up with neem leaves for rice, The colored silk is wrapped around and developed into a palm. Therefore, on the fifth day of May every year, there are customs of dragon boat racing, eating dumplings and drinking realgar wine, in order to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.
As the intangible cultural heritage of mankind, the Dragon Boat Festival is not only an inheritance of traditional culture in the past, but also a festival facing the future. Through carrying out various cultural and customary activities, the cultural heritage is integrated into the festival, allowing children to The Dragon Boat Festival revisits the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, feels the noble personality of the great patriotic poet, strengthens the national consciousness and sense of mission to inherit the culture.
In summary, Jianshen Company shares the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival for everyone, and hopes to help you. As the children of Huaxia, the customs of the older generation, we should not lose the etiquette.
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