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Jianshen Tank Trip to Taihang Mountain

By Manager
Date: May 29, 2020
As the spring blooms, the epidemic has been effectively controlled, and people throughout the country are returning to work in an orderly manner, stimulating domestic economic recovery. The company decided to go on a spring tour in the tight work rhythm, stepping on the tail of spring. After the beautiful spring, we came to the famous tourist spot Taihang Mountain.
On the first day we carried out a mountain climbing activity and chose the beautiful Peach Blossom Valley. Wang Xiangyan, smelling the fresh air in the mountains, enjoying the comfort of the breeze blowing on my face, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, under the clear blue sky, Wandering through the tree-lined trails in the mountains and feeling the peace of mind given by nature, everyone is relaxed.
The activities on the second day are arranged in the homestay where you live. Compared with the fatigue on the first day, the activities on the second day are relatively easy. The employees put together in twos and threes, some playing backgammon, some playing the game of "Please close your eyes when the sky is dark". Everyone put down their phones and returned from the traffic world to the original entertainment world. Friendship.
After the game is over, the barbecue session begins. Everyone consciously cleans the vegetables they brought before. The boys move the table to start the barbecue. First apply oil and honey, then pay attention to the fire to avoid scorching. Everyone is happy, talking and laughing in the delicious food and relaxing.
This trip to Taihang Mountain not only enriched the spare time of employees, but also eased the pressure of work, but also promoted the communication between colleagues in various departments. Looking forward to the next company event!
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